How to Edit 2K and 4K Video?

“I have a RED ONE Camera and Sony PMW F55 that can capture 2k and 4k video, are there any video editor can help me edit these 2K and 4K video files?”

2K and 4K Video Editor and 2K and 4K Video Editor for Mac allow you to edit the 2048 or 4096 pixels .xavc etc video files from all camcorder on Windows 8, 7, vista, xp and Mac os x 10.5.8-10.8.3 Mountain Lion, including Clip, Crop, Cut, Merge, Apply Effect, etc.

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Key Features of 2K and 4K Editor

1: Trim: multi-clipping the 2K and 4K source file to a certain time-length segments.
2: Split: split 2K and 4K video into several parts.
3: Merge: join multiple 2K and 4K video clips together.
4: Crop: cut out black borders, commercial logos, or unwanted edges from the2K and 4K video image frame.
5: Apply Effect: set effects like Brightness, Contrast and Saturation, etc.
6: Snapshot: capture snapshot from 2K and 4K video, and save as JPG, BMP or PNG format.

Guide of Edit 2K and 4K Video
2K or 4K video Editor

What is 2K and 4K?

2k and 4K reference the recording frame size, whether it be 2048 or 4096 pixels across. There are any number of cameras that can shoot at these resolutions since they reference film camera framing of 16mm and 35mm as a simple analogy.

Sony's 5800 and the Panasonic D5 decks support up to 2K resolution, Sony PMW F55 and F5 support up to 4K resolution. Sony, Arri, Phantom, Silicon Imaging, Thomson all make digital cameras that can take images at 2K or larger resolutions, Only Phantom 65 works beyond 4K at this point in time for mainstream production.

25.2 MB $49.95 Get Mac Version

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XAVC Video Converter, XAVC Converter enables you to convert XAVC video files from Sony PMW-F55.

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