How to Change Extension of an MP3 Files Back to 3GA?

3GA can't be accepted by various video and audio player. So mostly people will change the Extension of 3GA to MP3. Then the extension would no longer be displayed in the name, so you can't simply rename it back to .3ga.

“I had a recording in .3ga. The extension is displayed in the name for e.g. "voice001.3ga". I renamed it to "voice001.mp3". I want to change it back to .3ga. How? The extension is no longer there in the name.”

Note: In fact, change the files extension can't totally solve the incompatible problem. Sometime, even you have changed the extension of the files, you still can't open and play it well, change file extension may loss quality or collapse files. if you want to play the .3ga files anytime and anywhere, you can convert 3GA to MP3.

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Now, Steps to Help you Change Extension of an MP3 Files Back to 3GA

In Windows XP:
1: Open My Computer
2: Go to Tools > Folder Options
3: Click View and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types"
4: Click OK (it will take a second to apply) then you are all set.

In Windows Vista:
1:Go to Computer (or any other folder) on Vista.
2:Go to Organize then Folder and Search Options.
3:Go to View tab and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.
4:Now go to the file and you can change the extension.

In Windows 7/8:
1:Step-1 go to the "Control panel",
2:Step-2 click "folder options"
3:Step-3 go to the "view" tab
4:Step-4 un-tick the "hide extensions for known file types"

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