How to Convert 3GA to MP3 Online or Offline?

"I got some audio file in my galaxy sII in .3ga format, I would like to convert them into .mp3 files, I did rename the file to .mp3 to see if it can play, but no success, are there other methods you can convert them besides renaming? Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you." from

"I had been recording sounds with Samsung Galaxy S4's 'Voice recorder' and I wanted to play it on my PC. But, the files are in 3ga format. Oh no. It turns out my PC can't play media of this format. What do I do?" from blog

Samsung Galaxy series Smartphone record audio in .3ga format, which can't be widely accepted by various multimedia devices or application. I got the Galaxy S3 on March, I also recorded many 3ga audio files with it. However, when I send the .3ga audio files to my daughter, she can't play the 3ga files on her iPhone. Finally, I convert the 3ga files to mp3 and then success. Here, I will share my experience with you.

First, I Googled "converting 3ga to mp3”, then I found two 3GA to MP3 tools, one is an Online Converting, and another is Offline. They are Zamzar ( and 3GA to MP3 Converter.

I tried the Zamzar first, as it is a free one. I went to, and then I noticed the converting process has 4 steps:
1: select files
2: choose formats
3: fill your e-mail
4: convert the files
Zamzar Convert

My .3ga file is only 15 seconds, and the conversion process costs about 5 minutes. Then I got the prompt:
"File upload complete. Your file has successfully finished uploading! We'll now convert your file - As soon as this is done we'll email you to let you know where you can download your file from."

Finally, I received the e-mail after 10 minutes, "Alternatively click on the following link to download a copy of your converted file (Click Link)". I open the link and find the converted .3ga files-the .mp3 files, I download it and open it to play, and it is ok.

This Free Online 3GA to MP3 tool can help me convert 3ga files to mp3, but I have some doubts. First, the prompt show that, my files is just be uploaded, so it means, I send my 3ga files to the web and then someone convert the files for me with some other tools? So, other people may have my audio files, this make me feels not good. Then I have six .3ga files which are needed to convert. This Online Tool can't support batch conversion. I should spend much time to convert these files. So I tried the Offline 3GA to MP3 Converting Tool, it is not a free one.

26.3 MB $21.95 Get Mac Version

First, I need to download the 3GA to MP3 Converter, click the Free Trail button, and then download the tool in few minutes. Install and run it. This totally cost me five minutes.

Note: This 3GA to MP3 Converting software has two versions, one is for Mac, and another is for Windows, so you should download the right one.

3GA to MP3 Converter

Second, I drag all my .3ga files to the program at one time, batch conversion is supported.

Third, I click the Profile drop-down list to choose the common audio-MP3 as the output format. And then click the Convert button to convert the 3GA to MP3.

After one minutes, the conversion process is finished, I get the converted 3GA files-.mp3 files by clicking the Open Folder. It is extremely simple and the output audio is perfect. So, I just click the Buy Now button on the Software interface and bought the official version of this 3GA to MP3 Converter. Really help me a lot and tks! That's all about converting 3GA to MP3.

26.3 MB $21.95 Get Mac Version

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