How to Edit MP4 Video Files with Windows Movie Maker?

Why We Need to Convert MP4 for WMM?
1: "I have to make a video project for school and everything is filmed already. When I try to use movie maker it says my MP4 files are not compatible. What format can I convert the files to for the highest video quality."

2: "I am trying to put together a video of all the wildlife clips I have captured. They are in mp4 format and windows movie maker just won`t recognizes them. I am at a loss to find a good quick converter and have tried quite a few but they don`t seem to change the mp4 into files I can use for WMM. Has anyone any programs they use that are freeware please. I would be very grateful."

3: "Can I import MPEG-4 files into Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista? Windows Media Player 11 recognizes and plays MPEG-4 just fine but WMM doesn't recognize them. Any help?"

Windows Movie Maker Supported Formats
1: The video files Windows Movie Maker supports are asf, avi, and wmv.
2: The movie files that can be loaded are: MPEG-1, mpg, mpeg, m1v, and mp2.
3: The audio files Windows Movie Maker supports are wav, au, snd, aif, aiff, aifc, and mp3.
4: The image files Windows Movie Maker supports are jpeg, jpg, bmp, jpe, gif, and jiff.
5: Native Windows media file formats such as asf, wm, wmv, and we are accepted as well.
6: When saving files, the output formats are wmv and avi for videos and wma for audio files.

How to Convert MP4 to WMM?

MP4 to Windows Movie Maker Converter - Video Converter helps you convert MP4 to WMV or AVI for Windows Movie Maker. In addition, it supports creating high quality WMV video for your Windows Movie Maker, no matter what's the format of your source video files, like AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, MOV, MP4, MTS, MP3, WMA, etc. Moreover, it comes with all regular video editing tools like Trim, Crop, Effect, Subtitle, and Watermark. For basic video editing tasks, you can even replace your Windows Movie Maker with it.

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Steps to Convert and Import MP4 to Windows Movie Maker

The tutorial below will teach you how to convert and import MP4 to Windows Movie Maker so you can make engaging movies with MP4, WMV, MOV and other video files.

1: Add MP4 video files
First download and install Video Converter. When complete, start Video Converter from Start menu or Windows desktop. Then, you can click the “Add Video" to add the MP4 video files.
Mp4 to Windows Movie Maker

2: Set WMV as the output format
Click the Profile icon on the right to open the format list, and select WMV as the output format. If you want to make changes to the video settings like resolution, bit rate and other settings, click the Settings button at bottom.
Convert Mp4 to Windows Movie maker

3: Convert MP4 to Windows Movie Maker
Click the Convert button and all the imported MP4 video files will be converted to WMV format by this MP4 to Windows Movie Maker Video Converter.

4: Import MP4 to Windows Movie Maker
You can get the converted MP4 files as WMV formats in the Open Folder, then you can import the converted MP4 video depending on your version of Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker, the buttons are slightly different:
1: Import MP4 video to WMM: open Windows Movie Maker and click Import or Import Video on the left to import your video to the movie collection and drag and drop to the timeline for editing.
2: Import MP4 video to WLMM: Start Windows Live Movie Maker and go to Home tab in the ribbon menu and click Add video in the Add panel to locate the converted MP4 video.

Now, you have success imported the MP4 video to the Windows Movie Maker, you can edit the MP4 files with Windows Movie Maker/WLMM with ease.

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